Commercial Photography / Video Price List

Studies have shown that the human mind retains visual images with greater clarity and recall than those of a written or aural nature.
The quality and creativity of your company’s photography needs plays a crucial role in capturing your client’s awareness.
I am a seasoned photographer who has worked extensively in a variety of mediums for over 25 years.
I am particularly adept at personality and product photography. Please call or E-Mail me for more information.
(712) 210-0341 or [email protected]

This price list is for commercial photography:
Product (advertising and catalog),
Industrial, Fashion, Architectural (interior & exterior), Publicity, Documentary, Parties,
Award Presentations, Promotional, Music or other Entertainment Groups, Convention coverage,
Copywork, Video Production and Business Portraits

Day Rate: $800.00 Hourly Rate: $120.00, Plus film, processing, prints, prop and location search time,
travel charges (when applicable) and rental of props and photography locations.

There are no travel charges for photos taken within a 30 mile radius of the studio.
Beyond this distance you will be charged at a rate of 50¢ per mile. Accommodations, car rental, plane fare, and
other miscellaneous expenses are to be paid by the client on overnight or extended assignments.



The charge for these are 50% of Day Rate or Hourly Rate.
Of course there is no charge for one of my infrequent Boo-Boos.
Digital Retouching, Compositing or new artwork are billed @ $40,00 Per hour.

Color or Black & White Prints:
5x7” or smaller $25.00 • 8x10 $35.00 • 11x14” $50.00 • 16x20" $100.00

These Posters offer full color Graphics ideal for:
Trade Shows and Expositions • Point of Purchase Displays • Corporate Training Presentations
Courtroom Exhibits • Backlit Displays and Banners.

$40.00 per hour Design Time. $17.00 and up per square foot for Display Posters.
Please call for a price quote for these computer designed display posters.
There are many types of materials that these posters can be made from.

Video Production:

These beautiful layered Videos can be produced for almost any event or product to be promoted.
They are individually priced based on length of video and how complex they are. Still photos or
Old Movies / Videos can be edited into your final Video.
Your final Video can be output in DVD Videotape or processed for the Internet.

Prices Effective: 30 June 2009

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Contact Me: 712•210•0341 or e-mail: [email protected]
All Photography Copyright: Tony Evans, Photographer